Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yaquina Boat Equipment

Business partners Doug Alldridge and Jerry Esbenshade are keeping very busy these days. But that means business as usual for the owners of Yaquina Boat Equipment, a long-time Port of Toledo lessee. They transform and outfit large commercial fishing boats as a specialty, and their services are in high demand.

Right now, they are transforming the 82-foot F/V Jeanoah. The Jeanoah is registered out of Newport, Oregon and fishes out of Kodiak, Alaska. It was originally built in the 1970's for the crab fisheries using a gulf shrimper design. Here is a 'before' picture, showing the Jeanoah as she has looked for the last several years.

They have removed the mast and the old pilot house, taking the boat down to bare bones, and will be installing a newly fabricated aluminum wheelhouse, topping off the lower cabin area. Here she is with the wheelhouse removed, in a picture from last week.
A visit with them today allowed a glimpse of the new wheelhouse as it is being wired for electricity.They are also hard at work enclosing the bow using a 'whaleback' technique which will also expand it upwards, increasing its seaworthiness for the west coast and Alaskan waters where it fishes for king crab, among other high-demand, fresh-from-the-sea products. They will also be reconstructing the entire back deck using new stainless steel framing and new hardwood and composite decking to help minimize wear and tear from the crab pots. Doug says the crabbers have to replace some of their wood decking every year because it is subjected to so much hard use.

Owners of the Jeanoah, Bob Jacobson of Newport, Jerry Bongen and skipper James Stevens of Kodiak know the quality of workmanship they can expect from the experienced professionals at Yaquina Boat Equipment. In addition to the Jeanoah, there are two other boats moored at their docks, the Norska is undergoing miscellaneous repairs, and the MorningStar is switching fishing gear for crab and is also being fit for an anti-roll tank system.

Doug and Jerry have been friends since high school, and partners in business since 1986. They are often featured in articles published in National Fisherman magazine. They employ about 16 skilled workers in-house, along with a number of subcontractors.

Yaquina Boat Equipment provides vital services to our local and distant-water fishing fleet, and is a major link in Toledo's economic chain. We'll be watching the progress on the Jeanoah and will post updates periodically.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youth Boating Club BoatHouse is Home!

The boathouse was moved back to its home at the Port Docks yesterday. With just a few minor touches yet to be completed, the boathouse is looking beautiful!
Sherwin Williams in Newport donated the stain that was applied to the board-and-batten outer layers to protect it from the weather.
Aair-Care of Toledo has donated stainless steel rain gutters and downspouts, and they will be installing them soon as well!
It has been an awesome project that will soon house a youth boating club that will assist young people in learning to love boats and boating, and has been assisted by many local groups. We couldn't have done it without their generous support.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toledo's Port District

As you can see in this overlay/composite map, the boundaries of the port district encompass a lot of area, the bulk of it rural. Formed in 1910, the district now covers 443 square miles in Lincoln County and includes the communities of Toledo, Siletz, Logsden, Burnt Woods, Harlan, Elk City and Eddyville. The Port Commission's regular monthly meeting will be held at the Siletz City Hall, 215 West Buford Avenue. The public is invited to attend on Tuesday, October 19th at 7:30 p.m. We will be discussing current activities in which the port is involved. One item on the agenda is Mill Park and there will be a brief presentation and Mayor Leslie Button. For more information contact the port office at 541-336-5207.