Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Wooden Boat Show Poster

The 7th annual Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show is coming up on August 20th and 21st. “Coastal Classics – Working through the Decades,” is this year’s theme and will highlight wooden commercial fishing boats, an integral part of life on the central Oregon Coast. The 2011 poster depicts a classic boat, “The Gal,” known by many in this area and has operated along the Pacific coast for over 70 years.

This year’s poster was created by Newport-based graphic artist Travis Leonard. Each year, he explores the theme of the Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show and brings his direct experience with the subject into the final product. His visit with Kevin Bastien on “The Gal” was his first experience on a commercial fishing boat. Leonard spent some time on “The Gal” with owner Kevin Bastien and listened to stories about his years of commercial fishing. Bastien described being out on the sea in all kinds of conditions. “When you are out there fishing, you have no choice,” states Bastien, “The weather does what it wants to do.”Learning about the complexity of the process and the risks taken out on the ocean inspired Leonard to create an image that communicates some of the challenge of commercial fishing. This year’s poster depicts “The Gal” on a stormy sea.

Built in 1939 at the Tacoma Boat Yard in Washington, “The Gal” is a 40’ foot double-ender. Bastien worked as a deckhand on the boat, leased it for 3 years, and then purchased the boat in 1991. He fishes, by himself, off Oregon and California for salmon, halibut, and albacore. “The Gal” will be docked and on display at this year’s Wooden Boat Show.

The seventh annual Wooden Boat Show, will bring together a collection of new and vintage wooden boats from all over the Northwest. Family boat building begins on Friday, August 19th and the finished boats are launched in Depot Slough on Sunday afternoon. Toy boat building is located next to family boat building, and the kids are supplied with all the materials necessary to build the boat of their imagination. Other family events include: the Yaquina Run-Off- a non motorized boat race, a Saturday Poker Paddle, live music, exhibits, sailing, great food, and much more.

Posters can be purchased at the Port Office, 385 NW 1st, Toledo, or at the show for $5 each.