Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toledo Waterfront Park Area Closed for Dredging Operations

The Park area on the Depot Slough Waterfront will be closed temporarily for the duration of the dredging operation that is currently in progress. The area will have heavy equipment traffic and is not safe for pedestrian or recreational use until completion of the project in about two weeks.

The contractor is operating a crane with a clamshell bucket along the bank of the Slough, then loading the dredged material into dump trucks, and driving around the Park to unload the material in the recently constructed bermed containment area.

The dredging completes what was started last year, and will provide enough water depth for vessels that will be using the new Transient Dock. The new dock will be installed directly following the dredging, with the pile driving and setting of the gangway being performed by the same contractor, Billeter Marine of Coos Bay, OR.

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