Monday, February 13, 2012

Changes on the Waterfront

Big changes are taking place on the Waterfront!

Transient Dock

The Port's maintenance crew kept busy through the month of December assisting with the dredging operation, and in early January installed the new Transient Dock.

With Billeter Marine's equipment Port staff installed the new docks and gangway. With a few finishing touches, and the installation of a pump-out/Dumpstation, the Transient Dock will be available for boaters' use this spring.

Waterfront Park

During breaks in the Transient Dock Project the Port’s Maintenance staff were constructing the forms for the pavilion columns. To keep the Waterfront improvements true to Toledo’s history, the pavilion was designed using elements of the original Toledo Train Depot as inspiration. The pavilion columns were poured in place, with the design built into the forms. The columns turned out beautifully, and while the concrete is curing staff is preparing the rough cut beams being used for the roof of the structure.

Work will continue on the Park and the Waterfront throughout the spring and summer. We are proud of the changes being made, and are excited to be planning this year’s Wooden Boat Show around our new facilities.

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