Monday, February 27, 2012

Strategic Business Plan Process Starting

The Port of Toledo will be starting a comprehensive planning process which will examine all of the Port’s activities. This process is being funded through an Oregon Business, Infrastructure Finance Authority, Port Planning and Marketing Grant.

In 2010 the State of Oregon, through Oregon Business Infrastructure Finance Authority, developed a new Strategic Business Plan for Oregon’s Statewide Port System. Through that process a template was developed to be used by individual Ports. Click here for a link to the State's Plan.

From the Statewide Port Plan:
"Oregon’s ports provide recreational, commercial, and economic services to residents and businesses in Oregon and beyond, serving as state, national and international transportation gateways. They are a key component in sustaining Oregon’s economy and quality of life, supporting thousands of family wage jobs. One out of six Oregon jobs is directly or indirectly tied to cargo, recreation, industrial, commercial or other activities at Oregon’s ports, including privately-owned and operated docks which import and export goods."

The consultants selected have recent experience working with other Oregon Ports. Besides touring the Port’s properties, and interviewing Port Staff and Commissioners there will be open houses to take community input. They will also meet with key stakeholders in other agencies representing the community, commerce, and transportation. The plan will look at the Port’s history, mission and overall goals. It will examine the Port’s resources, the district’s economic profile, and state and national trends for development of industries. All of this information will be used to develop a Strategic Business Plan that the Port can use as a guide for future decision making.

One component of the Plan will be to design a build out plan for the Boatyard’s future expansion. The Port has secured a US Department of Agriculture Rural Business Enterprise Grant to fund this portion of the plan. The plan will also update the Waterfront Development Plan which was adopted by the Port Commission in 2007. Click here to read the Waterfront Development Plan.

The Port’s Commission is looking forward to this process and is expecting to have the completed plan ready by its next Fiscal Year starting July 1, 2012.

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